Saturday, 9 April 2011

BRAG at Flatstock, SXSW Festival Austin Texas

BRAG now has its trip to America up on its site, Rhys Wootton has written an article and taken some photos of the event. SXSW is a music, film and interactive festival with hundreds of events packed into two weeks. People from all over the world travel here and Americans say there is nothing quite like it in the country. BRAG were kindly sponsored by British Underground and UKTI.

With 6 other UK poster artists we formed the UK PA (UK Poster Association) and had one of the biggest booths at the show. Luke Drozd, Chris White (Poster Roast, We Three Club) Bobby from Telegramme Studio, Glyn Smyth (Scrawled) Army of Cats.

Flatstock is a gig poster event that is in conjunction with major music festivals. Austin's SXSW was its first host and now there is NXNW Flatstock in Seattle, another in Chicago and Flatstock Europe in Germany that happen annually. Over 80 artists took part in this years show that was held in the Convention Center, the heart of the festival. It was started by the API (American Poster Institute) in 2002 and came from conversations from artists and collectors on a site called This site has grown to a massive size and is THE place for gig posters!

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